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Julia entered my life during a rather dark period where I felt lost and helpless.  Her energy and presence in the face of my suffering offered hope (without words) that all would be well and there was a greater wisdom a work.  With her support I found a deeper spiritual connection that I can carry with me through the trials and tribulations that life's unfolding journey will inevitably present.  Her intuitive guidance is grounded in real experience; she's clearly capable of stepping back and taking the birds eye view of the 'forest for the trees'.  I now see challenge and adversity not as a setback, but as an opportunity to grow, evolve and expand into the person I am truly meant to be.  Julia was a light in my life who revealed my inner resources and resiliency.  I am forever grateful - for that is forever with me.

- John (that will be my was my dad's name and he could have used your help!!)

Hi Julia!


Hope this finds you well. Just wanted to start with a big THANK YOU for the opportunity in Thunder-bay and for all the advice and good conversations regarding life. I also wanted to show gratitude and also thank you for you candor in sharing your story, since it is similar to mine and it gave me hope in the way that i knew that someone understood the kind of pain an abuse i have lived and why i has lit a fire under me, pushing me to want to make a changes in our community , to choose  the right path in my life and to push forward my future career goals. 

- KC

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